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2024-06-24 20:55:49

Innovation centre and regulatory sandboxes Ei R2023:11

In its operational plan for 2022, the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate (Ei) states that the challenges arising from the energy transition combined with society's increased demand for electricity require extensive changes to the regulatory framework in the energy area. For this reason, Ei has initiated a project to investigate the conditions and has drawn up a proposal for how a model for experimentation and regulatory learning in the form of regulatory sandboxes can be implemented in Sweden. Regulatory sandboxes constitute a policy tool that makes it possible to grant time-limited exemptions from selected parts of regulatory frameworks for experimentation in real environments.

Ei considers it appropriate to implement a model for experimentation and regulatory learning in stages, starting with an innovation centre. Ei intends to establish an innovation centre that can serve as a first point of contact for market participants and innovators who are unsure of the rules, processes or principles in the energy markets. An innovation centre will allow Ei to provide information and specific guidance, while the centre can contribute to regulatory learning for the authority.

This report is an abridged version of the Swedish report Ei R2023:03 Innovationscenter och regulatoriska sandlådor. Modellförslag och implementering för energimarknaderna i Sverige.