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2024-07-24 05:52:00

About Ei

Ei is a supervisory authority for the energy markets, which means that we are working for Sweden to have safe and efficient access to electricity, natural gas and district heating.

We supervise compliance with laws and regulations in the energy markets sector. The laws that govern the operations are the Electricity Act, the Natural Gas Act, the District Heating Act, the Act on Certain Pipelines, the Act on the Certification of National Grid Undertakings for Electricity as well as the Certification of Certain Natural Gas Undertakings. The operations are also governed by extensive EU regulation.

We are actively participating in the international work

The markets for electricity and gas in Europe are becoming increasingly transnational. Our duties therefore include participating, as a representative of Sweden, in the development of energy markets within the Nordic countries and Europe. One way that this takes place is through our involvement in the development of the EU regulatory framework in the electricity and natural gas sector.

Our operations in brief

  • Inspect whether network fees are reasonable for electricity and gas
  • Examine applications for and issue concessions for electricity and gas
  • Examine whether connection fees are reasonable for electricity
  • Monitor quality in the electricity network
  • Monitor and analyse the development of the electricity, gas and district heating markets
  • Strengthen the position of customers by providing information
  • Suggest changes to laws or other measures when necessary
  • Work internationally within ACER, CEER, NordREG and ICER

Mandate and vision

Our mission is to work towards functioning energy markets. Read more about mandate and vision