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2023-06-08 18:04:11


The Energy Markets Inspectorate is an independent government agency which regulates the energy markets in Sweden. The Inspectorate has almost 200 employees, most of whom are economists, lawyers or engineers.

Departments and directors

The work is organised in nine departments. The executive body consist of:

  • Ulrika Hesslow, Director General
  • Therése Hindman Persson, Deputy Director General and Chief Economist.
  • Göran Morén, Director of Legal Department
  • Tommy Johansson, Director of Department for Technical Analysis and acting director of Deparment for Tariff Regulation
  • Caroline Törnqvist, Director of Department for Market Surveillance and International Affairs
  • Karin Alvehag, Director of Department of Consumer Rights
  • Daniel Norstedt, Director of Department for Authorization and Approval
  • Anna Cedermar, Director of Department for Administration and strategic planning