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2024-07-23 11:00:14

Quality of supply

A well-functioning electricity supply is important for society in general, both for households and businesses.

In order for to have a reliable electricity supply and for the electricity network to be operated in a cost-effective manner, the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate (Ei) monitor the function of the electricity grid.

We have divided our work into four areas

  1. Continuity of supply
    Continuity of supply relates to how well the network operator manages to distribute electricity to the consumer without interruptions. There are requirements regarding number of interruptions and length of interruptions.
  2. Voltage quality
    Voltage quality relates to how well the network operator manages the voltage quality at the supply point to the consumer. The voltage quality should be within certain thresholds defined by Ei.
  3. Technical requirements, functional requirements and protection against falling trees
    Relates to the technical requirements that electricity grid operators shall fulfil in order to reduce threats to or problems with the supply of electricity
  4. Risk analysis, and action plans
    Grid operators are obliged to present a yearly risk assessment of their networks, identifying and remedying potential problems before you, as the customer, are affected.