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2024-06-21 02:19:33

Certification of a Hydrogen Transmission Network Operator Lessons for Sweden - Report for Energimarknadsinspektionen by Thema Consulting Group

Hydrogen is expected to play a crucial role in the future decarbonised energy systems. Sweden, like other European countries, has adopted strategies for the role and growth of hydrogen. The introduction of hydrogen requires the build-out of new infrastructure and/or the conversion of existing gas infrastructure, and a regulatory framework to that end. In Sweden, the Swedish Energy Authority (SEA) has been tasked with a government assignment to coordinate work with hydrogen in Sweden in close dialogue with, inter alia, the Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate. The EU is currently in the process of developing the regulatory framework for hydrogen, including rules for the certification of hydrogen transmission network operators (HTNOs). The purpose of this report is to give input to SEA’s coordination work and to the Energy Market Inspectorate’s future work with a possible certification process