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2024-05-22 00:53:59

Social costs and benefits of smart grid technologies Ei 2018:12

This document is an English translation of the report “Samhällsekonomiska analyser vid investeringar i stamnätet för el (Ei R2018:06)” that was submitted to the Government in April 2018. Assessing the net benefit of a infrastructure project and the cost-effectiveness of different design options available has become increasingly important. Especially in the electricity sector considering the high costs at stake, the rapid technical development of non-wire options, as well as the many stakeholders being affected by the project. This report investigates how cost-benefit analyses should be used in the decision-making process in a Swedish context. In the report we also propose a clear and transparent framework for cost-benefit analyses as well as guidelines on which effects to include and how they should be quantified and monetized. We acknowledge that cost-benefit methodology is a continuously evolving topic. By this translation we are seeking to spread the findings of the report outside Sweden and thus enable more stakeholders to provide input on our future work both nationally as well as within the European Union. Rapporten finns även i svensk version: Samhällsekonomiska analyser vid investeringar i stamnätet för el Ei R2018:06