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2023-04-01 03:37:32

What do the symbols on Elpriskollen mean?

Different symbols are used on Elpriskollen. Here we describe some of them.

Supervision symbol

If a supervision symbol (red triangle with an exclamation mark) is shown against an electricity supplier in Elpriskollen, there is a supervision decision from Ei directed against the company with an injunction for rectification with respect to one of the consumer protection provisions of the Electricity Act.

The supervision symbol is removed when the electricity supplier has taken corrective action and complied with all points in the supervision decision, or if the electricity supplier has appealed against Ei's decision and has won its court case.

Along with the supervision symbol, there is also a text that briefly summarises the decision. The text is visible if you hold the mouse pointer over the supervision symbol during your visit.

Sun, Wind, Water, Bio, and Good Environmental Choice

Solar energy is renewable energy and is produced from solar cells that capture the sun's rays, which are converted into energy.

Wind power is renewable energy and is produced from the wind that is caught in the wind farm vanes (wind turbines) and converted into energy.

Hydropower is renewable energy that is produced from flowing water that is converted into energy.

Biofuel is renewable energy that is produced using residual products from the forestry industry, such as peat and other forest waste that are converted into energy.

Good Environmental Choice is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's eco-label. Read more on the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's website. External link.