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2023-04-01 04:27:33

Select electricity contract

Here at you can see which electricity suppliers currently have the lowest prices in your area. Before choosing your electricity supplier, you should first decide on the type of contract that suits you best.

Here are the four most common:

Fixed price (fast pris)

If you choose a fixed price (fast pris) contract, you pay the same price for the entire time that you have the contract. The most common contract periods are one, two or three years.

Variable price (rörligt pris)

If you choose a variable price (rörligt pris) contract you will be charged an electricity price that mirrors the developments on the Nordic power exchange Nord Pool Spot. Your price can both rise and fall over the course of the year.

There are two types of variable contract: rolling (löpande) and fixed term (tidsbestämda). You can exit a rolling contract with a period of notice. In a fixed-term contract, you have committed yourself to buy your electricity from the same supplier for the entire time you have the contract.

Mixed contract (mixavtal)

Mixed contract (mixavtal) means that you pay a portion of your electricity at a variable price and another at a fixed price.

Many electricity suppliers allow you to transfer the variable part of a mixed contract to a fixed price.

Designated contract (anvisat avtal)

If you do not choose an electricity contract, your distribution network operator will then assign you an electricity supplier. You then pay what we call a designated contract (anvisat avtal), which is usually much higher than if you had chosen yourself.

The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate agency believes everyone should choose their own contract and electricity supplier.