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2023-06-05 16:09:48

Natural Gas

You are able to change gas supplier, but not your gas grid operator. As there are still price differences between companies, you can save some money by changing from the most expensive to the cheapest gas supplier.

How to change gas supplier

You can compare prices on Gaspriskollen External link., which is run by the Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau.

If you wish to change natural gas supplier, you contact a new supplier and agree on a contract. The new supplier and your grid operator then manage the entire changeover.

Remember, however, that there are costs associated with terminating one contract during the contractual period in order to change to a new contract.

When you have signed up to a new contract, the new gas supplier notifies the grid operator of the change. This will be done 14 days prior to the date on which the new contract begins.

You cannot change grid operator

In order to have your gas supplied to you, you have to have an agreement with your local gas grid operator. As it is only the supply of gas that is exposed to competition, it is not possible to use another grid operator.

The grid operator owns gas pipelines and gas meters, and ensures that the gas that you purchased is supplied to you. If you do not know which grid operator operates in your area, ask the municipality.

The gas grid operator's pricing is regulated and monitored by the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate. The aim is that you, the customer, shall pay a reasonable price for the grid operator's services.

Check gas prices at

Here you will find current prices of natural gas External link, opens in new window.. There are various types of price contracts to choose from, for example fixed price and variable price. In addition, the site provides details of the default price that applies to those who have not made any choice of their own. Gaspriskollen is run by the Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau.

The Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau is an independent bureau that provides information and guidance on issues concerning energy markets free of charge.