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2023-01-27 16:20:35

Electricity contracts

If this is the first time you are going to sign an electricity contract

If you have just moved in, you can expect to receive offers and discount prices on new electricity contracts, but pay attention because your contract may turn into a significantly worse one when the discount period ends. Therefore, compare different electricity contracts before you sign a contract.

If you already have an electricity contract and you want to change

Start by checking the details of your current contract. It can be expensive to change electricity suppliers if you have a fixed-term electricity contract (with a tie-in period, for example) and break it prematurely. If you are uncertain, you can contact your current electricity supplier to find out what contract type you currently have.

Which electricity contract should I choose?

Start by deciding what contract type you want. Our advice is to choose a contract type that suits your finances. If you can afford temporary price increases, you can choose a contract with a variable price where you can also benefit when the price goes down. If you have tight margins and need to know the cost of electricity for each month, you should choose a contract with a fixed price.

Compare electricity contracts and find the one that suits you best

When you have chosen the contract type, you should compare the price with as many electricity suppliers as possible. No one can predict which contract type will give you the lowest cost for electricity. However, you can be sure of saving money by comparing prices for the same type of electricity contract between several different electricity suppliers.

It's easy to change electricity contract

  1. Contact the electricity supplier you want to switch to. In most cases, a phone call will be enough, or you can get in touch via the electricity supplier's website.
  2. Once you have taken out a new electricity contract, your new electricity supplier will inform your network operator about the change.
  3. The network operator reads your electricity meter. Then the network operator sends the meter reading to the old and the new electricity suppliers.
  4. The network operator notifies your old electricity supplier that you have changed electricity contracts

Before you choose - check the complaints list

Most electricity suppliers have no complaints registered, but before you choose, check whether the Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau has received any complaints about the company. It may be a question of misleading marketing, incorrect invoicing, or high termination fees when switching between electricity suppliers. The list is updated quarterly.

Complaint information at the Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau External link.

Ei's report: Konsument på elmarknaden, complaint statistics