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2023-06-04 18:58:21

District Heating

Even though the private district heating customer has a relatively weak position with respect to the district heating company, there is certain protection for you, as a district heating customer.

Your protection as a district heating customer

  • If your district heating company wants to change the conditions of the contract to your disadvantage, the company must notify you first, at least two months prior to the date on which the new conditions apply.
  • The district heating company must also provide justification that any change, for example a price increase, is reasonable.
  • As a customer, you always have the right to request negotiation with regard to the contracted price and the capacity. In conjunction with such a request, you have the right to receive any information you require to enable you to negotiate with the company.
  • If you are not able to agree, the district heating company must inform you verbally or in writing that negotiations have concluded, and of the reason why you have not reached an agreement. You then have the opportunity to apply for mediation with the District Heating Board. The application for mediation must be received by the District Heating Board within three weeks
  • If the district heating company failed to notify you of changes to contractual conditions, they do not have the right to apply these new conditions. Nor do they have the right to apply the new conditions prior to three weeks after the date on which the negotiations or mediation concluded.
  • You have the opportunity to terminate your district heating contract free of charge. The notice period is normally three months. Contact your district heating company if you want to terminate your contract.

Consumer protection in the event of district heating failure

Certain conditions apply in order for a district heating company to be able to turn off the supply of district heating to your residence or premises.

The district heating company has the right to turn off your district heating if you, as a consumer, have neglected your contractual obligations, for example if you have not paid your district heating bills.