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2023-06-04 18:26:50

Mandate and vision

Our mission is to work towards functioning energy markets.

We are supervising and developing the ground rules for the electricity, district heating and natural gas markets, in order to strengthen customers' position and ensure society's need of functioning energy distribution and trade is met.

This means that on the Government's commission we regulate the terms and conditions for the monopoly companies that run electricity and natural gas networks. We also supervise companies on the competitive energy markets, to ensure the market is kept functional and the customers' interests are safeguarded.

Our vision is to create predictability on constantly changing markets

The energy markets are in a state of constant change. The integration in the EU, environmental requirements, technological developments, new consumer patterns and new ownership conditions all affect the situation. This means that our mission to work towards functioning markets is both a matter of securing current basics and developing and ensuring the function of the market in the long term.

To create predictability means that customers and companies need to know how to become not only active parties in the market but also to deliver clear customer benefits from it. All market participants including the customers must be assured that the market design is robust over time and at the same time gives room for flexibility as to take on board the development of new services and technologies.